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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Pictures Tim Won't Let You See

You might want to head over to Tim's blog to catch up on the discussion concerning "Centaurs" vs "unicorns". He has come out heavily prejudiced towards one side and refuses to fairly present the case! So, since this is MY blog (which, admittedly, no one reads), I will reveal the Truth . Tim contends that unicorns are not noble, brave beasts, worthy of joining you in battle. As you can see from theses pictures... the world does not agree with him. The Czech Republic and Scotland, to name but two, include the noble creature on their coats of arms. And what are coats of arms? They were identifying banners carried into Battle! [I bet William Wallace had a unicorn on HIS coat of arms!]

Friday, August 15, 2008

Peter Pan Nabbed by Police

If Tim were home, I know he would want to post this story. The title on was "Peter Pan, Snow White Arrested at Disneyland". If that title doesn't catch your attention, then the picture of Peter Pan being put into a police car should.

And that, of course, was the whole point of the protesters having dressed up in Disney character costumes. At first I thought it was the actual character actors who were protesting. But it was the bell hops and maids at two Disney hotels in Anaheim who had dressed up as Disney characters to protest the high cost of health care insurance. If you take a close look at Peter Pan, you'll notice his costume isn't quite up to snuff.

While I do understand their frustration with rising health insurance costs, I don't believe Disney is alone in being unable to entirely absorb the cost as an employer. As former employers ourselves, we had always paid 100% of employee's health costs, even when it hurt. But the costs eventually became SO high that we had to pass on part of that cost to our employees (which included us!). People love to bash Disney, but the real problem is with the high cost of health care and health care insurance. That's certainly something even Mickey Mouse himself can't control. They should have protested outside of their insurance company.