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Friday, May 18, 2007

Psalm 3: Readjusting Our Point of View

We can learn a lot from Psalm 3. David wrote it during the time he was trying to escape from his son Absalom, a tragic situation both as a father and as King.

Vv. 1-2 concern the circumstances David currently finds himself in. It is "the Seen", the reality of the situation from his earthly point of view. His circumstances don't look good - his adversaries have increased, many are rising up against him and many are saying God has either abandoned him or is unable to deliver him from this situation.

But in vv.3-5 David is reminded of how things REALLY are, "the Unseen" - the reality of the situation from God's point of view. God is his shield [protecting him], his glory ["kabod", the same Hebrew word used of God's glory in Exodus, etc. In this context he's probably talking about his "honor/dignity/reputation" being God-ward. God's opinion, not man's is what ultimately counts!] God is the One who hears him and sustains him! God is the One who makes sure David is even able to awake in the morning!

In v.6 David then readjusts his thinking in light of God's Truth- the Unseen Reality. He comes to understand that his circumstances aren't what he initially thought they were and he responds by readjusting HIS own view to that of God's. NOW he looks at the situation through the lens of God's truth/ultimate reality, instead of through his own limited point of view. Are his immediate circumstances any better? No! But his reaction to them has completely changed.

Finally, in vv.7-8 David reinforces what he has just learned. He reminds himself how God has delivered in the past. He reminds himself of God's sovereignty and power. He reminds himself that God is the One who will bring ultimate deliverance - in spite of how things may currently appear.

May we learn from David! How encouraging God's Word is!

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